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What happens on the Web STAYS on the Web: The Job Interview video

Hook, Line & Stinker

Don't get reeled in by phishing scams

In a phishing scam, you receive an email message that appears to come from a legitimate source, like your bank or some other reputable company. The authentic-looking message instructs you to follow an enclosed Web link—usually to “confirm your account” or “verify your information immediately.” Don’t fall for these scams! And if you’re confident that you can recognize a fake and would know better than to click that link, think again... More >>

Too Much Information

What to reveal on social networking sites

Popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. make it easy to share your photos, whereabouts, contact info, and interests with friends. But be careful not to put your safety or your future at risk. The words and images you post on the Internet may be available for years, and your profile may be viewed by future employers and school admissions officials, as well as identity thieves, spammers, and stalkers... More >>